Wil + Frida

Unlocking Memories

Unlocking Memories

This pink door reminds me of all the old colorful doors in the town where my grandmother was born and raised, Carreras, Durango, Mexico. Wil + Frida was named after my grandmother, Wilfrida Montenegro, a woman of strength and a heart of gold. Although she didn’t think of herself as a creative, she was... and she was AMAZING at it!! Always creating beautiful matching garments for my sister and I. She spent hours in her sewing room, cutting patterns, sewing and adding embellishments to every piece.

I have so many beautiful memories of my grandmother. So many sleepovers, movie nights, delicious homemade food and countless walks to the neighborhood liquor store to buy candy! My grandmother didn’t drive but going to visit was never short of an adventure. She would always find a way to make it so exciting for me! The sleepovers, eventually became summer vacations back to her hometown, where we would spend weeks together. Her hometown is where she was always the happiest! 

My grandmother passed away in 2010 and left a huge void in my heart. My childhood would not have been the same without her and I am endlessly thankful to her for all the memories and the valuable example she set in my life. My daughters never met my grandmother, and it brings me to tears every time I think about it. She would have loved them as her own – and just to see her excitement would have meant the world to me. But her memory lives in our hearts and Mila hears stories of a loving, sweet woman who lived in a town with colorful doors.

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